Plants are one of Earth’s greatest resources and plant life is literally everywhere around us. There are estimated 391,000 species of plants on earth and 94% (369,000) of those plants produce flowers. As you can imagine earth’s plant life and the flowers they produce come in all shapes and sizes.

Like most people, I took the flora around me for granted and I didn’t appreciate all of the local flora that I grew up living with. It wasn’t until I started traveling to different areas with different climate zones that I started noticing how different the plant life is around the world.

Once I discovered that each area I visited had unique and completely different plant life that I probably could only see in that area then I made it a habit to seek out local flora during my travels.

Some of my trips I will spend a significant time in nature and I will see lots of local flora as I explore. Other trips I will spend most of my time in the city and I have limited opportunity to experience the local flora. If my trip does not allow me to spend time in nature then I will usually try to visit a botanical garden which normally has an area dedicated to local flora. This allows me to see some of the best plant life in the location by only going to one place.

Periodically, I will make a post that is primarily about the flora in a certain location. Sometimes it will be on flora that I see during my travels and other times it will be on a botanical garden or special garden that I visited. I have separated the posts that I have made on flora by local flora and gardens.

Posts on Local Flora

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Posts on Botanical/Specialty Gardens

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