United States

About this photo: I chose this photo as my lead for my description of the United States because Washington D.C. represents all 50 states and the United States flag is the flag that flies in every state. I have traveled to many places outside the U.S. and every time I return to the United States and see the flag of the United States it brings pride to my heart and instantly makes me know that I am home.

On the surface the United States appears to be a single culture across the entire country. I can fly to any large city in the country and I will see the same chain stores and restaurants but in reality the United States has many regional cultures, additionally some states and cities have multiple cultures within them.

The United States is a large country that comprises a large variety of sub-cultures and ecosystems. Being a lifelong citizen of the United States has allowed me to know more about the United States than I do about other places that I have visited.

I think the appropriate place to start is at the capital city of the country. Washington D.C. is a destination that all Americans should experience. There are a seemingly never-ending number of places to visit in Washington D.C. My experience in visiting Washington D.C. was that it made me feel much better about the country and it gave me a more pride in being an American than I had before my visit.

The two top attractions to visiting the United States are that the United States is a country of large cities with very distinctive cultures and histories and that the United States is a country of beautiful nature.

Major Cities

About this photo: I chose this photo because the Miami Skyline represents the modern side of the United States and it is a very international city. This is exactly the way that I feel about The United States because I see the United States as a modern county that is made up of citizens from international backgrounds.

One of the top attractions of the United States are its major cities. In addition to Washington D.C., the United States has some amazing cities that are very different from each other. The cities listed below are major cities in the United States that have a distinctive culture of their own.

1. Boston
2. Chicago
3. Las Vegas
4. Los Angeles
5. Miami
6. Nashville
7. New Orleans
8. New York
9. Philadelphia
10. San Antonio
11. San Francisco
12. Seattle
13. Washington D.C.

When you visit these cities you will experience cities that have lots of site seeing attractions but they also have a culture within the city. Many of these cities are known for specialty foods and their own brand of music.

Nature and Natural Wonders

The other side of visiting the United States is to experience the amazing beauty of the natural wonders in the country. The United States has some of the most beautiful sites in nature. From the white powered sand beaches of Florida to the white snowcapped mountains of Washington there are so many beautiful places to see that it seem impossible to name them all. There’s something for everyone when it comes to experiencing nature.

About this photo: This photo of Mt. Rainier captures the beauty of the mountain, thick pacific northwest forest and the crystal clear calm waters of Mirror Lake all in one photo. Mt. Rainier is just one of the many beautiful places of nature in the United States. The United States has many beautiful and amazing creations of nature. I will try to share as many of these as I can in my blog posts on the United States.

There really is no way to name all of the amazing natural wonders in the United States so the following is an example of some of the many different types of nature that can be experienced in the United States:

• Canyons like the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon
• Unusual rock formations like Arches National Park, Devil’s tower and Monument Valley.
• Waterfalls like Niagara Falls and Multnomah Falls
• Ice fields and caves of Mendenhall Glacier or Glacier National Park
• Natural Lakes like Lake Tahoe, Crater Lake and of course the Great Lakes
• Caves to explore like Carlsbad Caves and Mammoth Caves
• Witnessing the northern lights in Alaska
• Living forests like the Giant Sequoia trees in California and Saguaro Cactus in Arizona
• Finally, when the summer ends and before the winter comes the leaves on the trees start to change colors and create incredibly beautiful fall colors in the countryside.

When it comes to the beauty of nature, the United States really is “America the beautiful”.

The major cities and natural wonders that I have briefly pointed out are just a few of the points of interest that can be experienced in the United States. There are many others that will I will be including in my posts on the United States.

My suggestion for visiting the United States is that it should be done in small regions due to the large area of the United States. It also makes sense because each regions has its own culture and an abundance of things to see. Even when segmenting The United States by region it will take multiple trips to see everything in a region. The regional divisions that make sense to me are:

• Alaska
• Atlantic Coast
• California
• Hawaii
• Midwest
• New England
• Pacific Northwest
• Southeast
• Southwest

I have been to all of these regions and I have been to 33 of the 50 states in the United States. Many of these states I have been to multiple times. I have seen many of the famous tourist sites and many places that are not commonly known to most tourist but there are many more things that I still want to see.

States that I have currently posted topics on or that I will be posting on in the near future are listed below. I add other states to this list as I make posts on new states.

Washington DC

Note: click on the link above to see my posts on archived topics from each state. Each of these states will have new topics posted in the future.

The posts about the United States in this blog will feature many of the interesting sites within the United States and as many of the wildlife species that I can photograph. I hope that you will join me as I reveal all of the wonderful things that The United States has to offer.