Birds are around us almost everywhere we go. Most people see bird but don’t pay much attention to them. There are almost 11,000 bird species in the world that can be grouped into approximately 250 families. Some bird species live only in a small section of the world and some species are practically found globally.

I was never a bird enthusiast until I started to notice the diversity of different types of bird during my travels around the world. Once I started to pay closer attention to the birds that I encountered, I discovered how beautiful some bird species are and I have started learning more about them.

There are so many things that I find fascinating about the diversity of birds. The major distinctions between bird families that I find fascinating are:

  • The beaks on bird differ dramatically. Some are tiny while others are huge and some are strange shaped.
  • Some birds are so small that you can hardly see them and others are almost as big as a human.
  • Some bird migrate thousands of mile every year but some birds don’t even fly.
  • Bird’s legs can be short or extremely long.
  • Some birds are land bird, others are almost always in the water and some birds stay in the air for hours at a time.
  • Some bird’s colors are amazing.
  • The diversity in their diet is also amazing. Birds eat almost everything from live animals, dead animals, fish and ocean creatures, seeds, nuts, honey, fruit, insects, etc.

I have photographed almost 500 bird species from about 130 bird families. I have grouped the birds that I have photographed into 23 categories. These categories are shown below but I will add new categories as I encounter new birds that don’t fit into an existing category.

There is no way for me to make posts on all of the bird species that I have photographed during my travels but several times a year I will post on a different species of birds. My posts on birds will be intended to show the diversity of different kinds of birds that live on our planet. Each post will include some high quality photos and a brief write-up that will provide a little bit of information that bird.

Bird Categories

Click on the photo below and it will take you to all of the posts that I have made in the each category of bird.