During my travels I am always interested in the people of the places that I visit. Sometimes the culture of the people in a location make the location even more interesting. Other times I will visit a location during a celebration and the celebration reveals the spirit of the people in that location.

Occasionally, out of the hundreds of thousands of people that I have seen, I see someone that catches my eye. Sometimes I notice someone because of the things that they are doing or how they are dressed but other times it is something that I see in their eyes or their smile. No matter what it is that catch my attention, I always notice them because it creates an emotional reaction in me. Sometimes it is as simple as they make me smile but other emotions that I have experience are sadness, joy and wonder.

People have always captured my interest and I wanted to share my photos of the people that I have photographed in my travels. People are really the heart of “Our Planet” and this page is a collection of my posts that are dedicated to cultures, people performing cultural shows and groups or individuals doing interesting activities.

I hope that you will enjoy my posts on the people of “Our Planet”.

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Changing of the guard


South Korea