Singapore is a modern city with year round warm weather and there are many things to see and do that will keep you busy. There are many activities that can be done in the day time but my favorite time in Singapore is at night. I like Singapore the best after the sun goes down and the heat of the day starts to decline. That is when the bright lights of the night time activities starts to shine.

Singapore is a multicultural country and celebrates many of the important events from those cultures. It seems like they are always celebrating something. When the official holidays and local festivals are combined it is hard to visit Singapore when something is not being celebrated. In addition to the celebrations, there is lots of live music, light shows, fountain shows and other entertainment.

Singapore is my favorite city in Asia. Singapore is modern, safe, clean, pretty, it has good public transportation, lots of free entertainment, lots of festivals and most of all it is just a fun place to visit.

Must See Attractions

Most of the must see attractions at the places I visit are only open in the daytime but it is different in Singapore. In Singapore, the must see attractions are open during the day but I think they are a better experience at night time.

The list below are the places that I think should be must see places when visiting Singapore. I have visited all of these and I have already made detailed posts about some of these.

Two of my favorite experiences in Singapore are good examples of the attraction being better at night than in the daytime.

The garden by the bay is a beautiful garden with hundreds of trees and plants to discover during the daytime but after dark when the Supertree structures light up it turns into a colorful futuristic park. Twice a night the park puts on a Garden Rhapsody show where the branches of the Supertrees twinkle in rhythm to a soundtrack. It is a truly special experience with the colorful lights dancing to the music against the backdrop of the night sky. Going to the park is wonderful but you will miss out on a great experience if you don’t stay for the nighttime events.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. It has a casino, over 300 stores, 80 restaurants and a canal runs through the middle where you can take a Sampan boat ride. Everyone visiting Singapore should check out the Marina Bay Sands but every night there are performances of the Spectra Light and Water Show. The hotel fountain bursts into a colorful water show with the addition of a light projection show that looks like a 3D hologram suspended over the water. The Marina Bay Sands is a Las Vegas style hotel but the nighttime Spectra Light and Water show is a wonderful experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Singapore is a modern country and many of the must see attractions in Singapore are modern and exciting. Visiting Singapore’s best attractions is not like taking a trip into the past but it is more like taking a glimpse into the future.

Places to See

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I will be making more posts on things to do in Singapore, so check back later to see my future posts on Singapore.