Insects are the most common creatures on earth and they represent approximately 80% of the world’s species. There are around 900,000 species of insect that are known in the world and it is estimated that the total individual insects alive at any time is 10 quintillion (that is a 1 with 19 zeros behind it). We see insects every day but there are many more around us that we never see, mainly because we are not looking for them.

From a travel perspective, insects are not something many people look for but occasionally we see a beautiful butterfly or some strange insect that looks like an alien creature. When we do come across an insect that catches our attention we stop for a moment to check it out and then we keep going on our way. That is exactly what I do except I normally take a few photos.

Insects are something that I normally try to avoid mainly because I have been bitten and stung more times than I can remember. With that in mind, I do keep an eye out for insects so that I can keep a safe distance away from them.

During my travels there are some insects that have peeked my interest more than others. I enjoy seeing butterflies because they are beautiful, dragonflies are the raptors of the insect world as they catch their food while flying, Wasp and bees are the insect that I keep away from but I still find them interesting and then there are the insects that are strange and unusual.

Insects are not something that I will feature in my post very often but every once and a while I may have a post to highlight a group of insects that I have seen in a specific location. If I have seen a group of insects that I think is interesting then others traveling to that area may also want to notice them on their travels.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for insects when traveling! You may see something interesting and it might prevent you from being stung or bitten.

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