Canyons are one of nature’s most interesting and educational creations. A canyon is a deep, narrow valley with steep sides that penetrates the surface of the earth. A canyon can also be called a gorge when the canyon has steeps sides and the opening is narrow.

Canyons are created from three different nature events: movement of rivers, weathering and erosion and tectonic activity.

In addition to learning how a canyon was created, canyons expose the layers of rock in the canyon walls. Many times the different layers have different colors which makes the canyon very beautiful.

The posts that will be shown under this category will include some of the most famous canyons in the world and some almost unknown canyons that are worth visiting. I hope that you will enjoy my posts on canyons and that I will be able to show the beauty of these formation that are created by forces of nature.

Places to See

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I will be making more posts on other canyons, so check back later to see these future posts.