Markets are one of the places that I like to visit when I travel to new places. I think local markets are very interesting places to just wander around and see everything that the local people have brought to the market. Without a doubt, I know that there will be something in these markets that I have never seen before.

I know that when I go to a local market in a foreign country that it will be interesting to see the products that are being sold but many times the people in the market will be just as interesting and entertaining. The people in local markets are a real vision of the culture and they are usually a glimpse back at where the culture has come from because many of these people are still doing things the old way. They haven’t adopted to the modern ways of doing things. They make their products the old way, they dress the old way and they have the ideologies of the old ways.

The posts that are shown under this category are the local markets that I have visited in my travels. I hope that you will enjoy seeing these markets and that I will be able to communicate what it is like to walk through these local market.

Places to See

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I will be making more posts on other markets, so check back later to see these future posts.