Czech Republic

Visiting the Czech Republic is like being able to travel through time from different periods of the country’s past. Some of the top historical experiences are exploring medieval towns, visiting majestic hilltop castles, walking along cobbled lanes and seeing many historical building, bridges and churches.

The heart of the country is the capital city of Prague. The city is called the “city of a thousand spires” which can be seen by looking across the city from any elevated building. The Old Town has many of the best sites to visit including the medieval era Charles Bridge, the sprawling hilltop Prague Castle, the oldest still operating astronomical clock, Petrin Hill Park and several other historical sites like the Lesser Town Tower and the Prasna Brana.

The Old Town is packed with places to see but the New Town also has plenty of attractions to visit. Some of the top things to see in the New Town are the Art Nouveau facades, the dancing house, the rotating head and the Jerusalem Synagogue.

The Czech Republic is a historic jewel with well-preserved historical places from different historical periods but it also has modern sites that will appeal to people that want to see where the country is headed.

Come to the Czech Republic to see its history but don’t leave without getting a glimpse of its future.

Czech Republic’s Traditional Foods

Traditional Czech Republic food is best described as hearty. It is dominated by meat, served with either bread, potatoes or bread and potato dumplings and slathered in sauce.

Eating traditional food from the places where I travel is just as much of my travel goals as the places that I visit. Some of the most popular Czech food that I put on my travel goal when visiting the Czech Republic is:

  • Potato Pancakes
  • Schnitzel
  • Bunt Cake
  • Kolaches
  • Trdelnik
  • Fruit Dumplings
  • Fried cheese
  • Sauerkraut Soup
  • Goulash

I always try to eat traditional food that I know will be a special event. Three of the Czech foods that were the most unforgettable to me were having authentic fresh baked Czech kolaches for breakfast. Having beef goulash in a bread bowl in a local bar and having an ice cream trdelnik on a hot summer day.

Kolache and Beef Goulash Bowl

Must See Attractions

My list of the Czech Republic’s must see attractions are primarily historical sites with a few modern places. This falls in line with how I would recommend visiting the Czech Republic. The Old Town of Prague is where I would recommend spending the majority of time but don’t ignore the New Town attractions and also make sure to venture into the smaller towns for day trips.

Two of my favorite experiences in the Czech Republic were visiting the Prague Castle and seeing the Rotating Head. These two experiences were also my most memorable times of my trip but they could not have been more opposite.

The Prague Castle is a historic site in the Old Town and I spent most of the day touring all of the buildings in the complex. The Prague Castle Complex is the largest castle complex anywhere in the world so it is justified to spend the day to see it properly. The complex includes the Old Royal Palace, the Cathedral of Saint Vitus, Saint George’s Basilica, the Royal Garden and the Golden Lane. Each of these sites could be an attraction of their own and combining that with taking time to wander with in the complex then it is advisable to set aside a full day just to visit the Prague Castle. I would also recommend being there to watch the changing of the guard ceremony which includes a small band.

The rotating head is a modern attraction in the New Town and I only stayed for a short period of time watching the head rotate into position where all of the plates lined up in their correct positions. There is nothing magical about watching the rotating head but is it a unique attraction that you will always remember about your time in Prague.

 The Czech Republic is a place where you will remember the simple attractions and those that wow you with the spectacular.

Places to See

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I will be making more posts on things to do in Czech Republic, so check back later to see my future posts on the Czech Republic.