Urban Art

I am a big fan of urban art. When I travel to a large city, I always search out the urban art scene.

Most people’s initial thoughts of urban art is graffiti or wall murals. Graffiti is not in my definition of urban art and wall murals are just one form of urban art. As I have traveled around the world, I have discovered that urban art is expressed on many different media and I will be featuring all of the different types of urban art that I have found in my travels.

Urban art has several purposes. It can be used to get people thinking, express an opinion or send a message, to entertain, to provoke, to amuse or sometimes it is just the artist desire to share their talent and creativity on a public forum.

The posts that are shown under this category are the best examples of urban art that I have been able to photograph on my travels. I hope that you will enjoy my posts on urban art and that my posts will give more exposure to the different types of urban art that can be found when traveling around the world.

Places to See

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I will be making more posts on other urban art, so check back later to see these future posts.