Seven Magic Mountains adds a pop of color to a colorless desert!

Seven Magic Mountains is a large-scale urban art installation located approximately ten miles south of Las Vegas Nevada. The art project is simple in design as it is comprised of seven towers of stacked boulders that stand more than thirty feet high. The design may seem simple but I’m sure that stacking boulders weighing between 10 and 25 tons could not have been easy.

The Mojave Desert around Las Vegas is a pallet of dusty brown, reds and golds with sparse vegetation in a mostly dry rock and sand landscape. This mainly colorless landscape is broken by a strange urban art project of seven brightly colored painted limestone totem like towers emerging from the desert. With desert conditions being mostly clear and dry, the colorful boulders rising up from the brown earth into the blue sky really makes for a dramatic scene.

A good place for great photos

Every day over 1000 visitors escape from the Las Vegas strip to visit this unique site. Most visitors don’t stay long as they wonder around looking a little puzzled, take a few photos and then return to the bright lights of Vegas.

Leaving Las Vegas to walk around in the desert may not seem like logical choice for having fun but this is a place where the amount of fun that you have is only limited by your imagination.

The scale of the boulders and their bright colors create an endless number of photographic possibilities. The photos below are a sample of the types of photos that can be taken at the Seven Magic Mountains location of urban art in the desert.

The Las Vegas Strip is known for its nighttime entertainment but the daytime activity can be a little slow. Make the most of the down time from the strip’s nighttime high energy entertainment and visit Seven Magic Mountains to have a little fun in the desert!

The Dust on My Shoes

Seven Magic Mountains is unique, it is a colorful display in an otherwise colorless environment and it is a quick getaway from the hectic Vegas casinos that also happens to be free.

The boulder totem structures appear like they would be unstable but they are “rock solid” and the size of these structures made me feel small when standing next to them.

We had a lot of fun playing around this unique site while taking photos in front of the different colored totem stacks. There was always some people there while we were taking photos but it was easy to change positions to get photos without anyone else in the picture. My advice is to go early in the morning before too many people show up and before it gets too hot.

Modern art is a completely individual preference. Some people like it and others can pass on it. I happen to enjoy modern art, I don’t put much thought into it or try to interpret it, I just enjoy the creativity of it.

There are lots of reasons to travel to Las Vegas but not all of the fun happens under the bright lights of the Vegas Strip. Some of my most memorial travel experiences have been in unlikely places.

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