I think that most people enjoy seeing fountains. Fountains come in all sizes from fountains normally seen in parks to mega fountain used to perform an entertainment show. Most fountains are made with a statue that has a steady water flow coming out of a single or multiple places. These fountains are normally intended to commemorate an event. Some fountains are used for entertainment and are extremely large with many streams of water which are choreographed with music.

Regardless of the size, fountains are an art form that has the added dimension of motion created by the flow of the water. I have been fortunate to have seen many of the most famous fountains. Some of these fountains have given me an emotional feeling during the show and other fountains have been enjoyable to watch but all of the great fountains have had one thing in common. They have all been hard to walk away from, I just wanted to stay and continue watching them.

The posts that are shown under this category are the best fountains that I have seen in my travels. I hope that you will enjoy my posts on fountains and that my posts will give more exposure to the many different types of fountains that are uses for art and entertainment.

Places to See

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