I consider it a special day when I have a chance to see a wildlife species that I have never seen before and it is even better when I am able to photograph that species.

There are times when I make an effort to see a specific species of wildlife but many times I come away without seeing the species that I was seeking. When I go into nature, I am always looking for wildlife and I almost always see incredible wildlife but I always have the attitude that I will be happy with whatever is presented to me.

I really enjoy seeing wildlife when it is actually wild, in its natural environment. Seeing wildlife in the wild is unusual and being able to get quality photographs of wildlife is very difficult. There have been many times that I have been able to see wildlife but I was not able to capture a quality photo.

There are so many things that need to all come together to get a nice wildlife photo. The wildlife needs to be somewhat in the open without any obstructions between the wildlife and my camera. The wildlife needs to be still enough to get a photo that is not blurred. The wildlife need to have good lighting on it and the wildlife needs to be facing the best direction for a good photo.

Watching wildlife is one of the most exciting things that I do in my travels or locally when I am in nature.

So I truly do feel lucky when I am able to get a good photo of a wildlife species! Knowing that many of these photos took a great deal of effort to capture, I hope that you will enjoy seeing the wildlife that I am sharing.

For the purposes of this blog I have defined wildlife as anything that grows or lives in the wild.

On this page, I have identified categories of wildlife that I have photographed in my travels. When I make posts that fit into one of the categories of wildlife show below, I will add that post to the appropriate category.

Wildlife Category

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