About My Travel Stats

Bon Gioc, Vietnam

Many people that travel like to keep a list of places where they have been. Some people think that the value of their travel experience is determined by the number of places they have been.

I believe that counting the number of places that I have traveled to is only the beginning of understanding the value of my travel experiences but letting people see the places where I have been helps to create an understanding the diversity of my travel experiences. For this reason, I think it is important to include my travel statistics as part of my travel website.

Countries Visited

Most people make a list of countries that they have visited but I think that it is equally important to group those countries by region so I have grouped the list of countries that I have visited by region under a photo that best represents the uniqueness of that region.

Asian Countries (16)

Atlantic & Caribbean Countries (16)

European Countries (14)

Latin American Countries (10)

Middle Eastern Countries (3)

North American Countries (2)

Oceania Countries (5)

My Travel Log

From the first time that I traveled, I kept a list of the flights that I flew on and the places that I visited. Originally, that list was on a piece of paper but over time I converted it to a spreadsheet which is now my official travel log. The totals of my travel log are summed up in the table below.




Flown on









Most people look at a table like this and focus on the numbers but for me it represents much more. Traveling as much as I have requires a massive investment in my time. Seeing the places that I have seen and gaining the knowledge and experience is the fun part of traveling but a lot of work takes place long before the fun begins.

Before the Fun Starts

Preparing for each trip requires a lot of planning. I spend massive amounts of time researching places to visit, things to see and foods to try. Finding the best flight schedule and hotels for each place I visit requires many hours of searching. Packing for a trip varies depending on the length of the trip and the activities that I plan on doing.

Once the trip begins there is still hurdles to get past before reaching the planed location. Going through the airport sometimes means hours of standing in lines to check in, check the baggage and go through security and customs. After getting past the required check points, there is always time spent waiting to board the airplane, normal flight delays and occasional canceled flights.

Finally, I get on the plane, find my seat and store my carry-on before taxing to the runway and more waiting for takeoff. I have always enjoyed the flying experience but being squeezed on an airplane with a couple of hundred other people can turn into an unpleasant experience depending on the other passengers nearby. 

I have spent countless hours setting in airports, setting in small airplane seats and staring out small windows looking at clouds and desert landscapes but my adventures waiting at the destinations I visit are the driving force that compels me to experience each new place.

I estimate that I have spent approximately 1,465 hour of actual in air flight time.

Final Words

All of that being said, the table of numbers above says more than just the number of countries that I have visited, flights that I have flown on and miles flown or sailed. It represents the passion that I have for seeing the places that I visit and the commitment I have for getting there.

“Wherever you go, go with all of your heart! – Confucius