The Jerusalem Synagogue is named for the street that it is on and not for the city it is located. The Jerusalem Synagogue is on Jerusalem Street in the new section of Prague, Czech Republic and is the newest and also the largest synagogue in Prague. The synagogue was built in 1906 and is the only active synagogue in Prague which is located outside of the former Jewish ghetto.

The Jerusalem Synagogue is obviously a Jewish synagogue with the Jewish star located on many places of the façade. The Jewish star can be seen from top to bottom as it on the building spires, the focal point in the center of the building and smaller stars in key architectural locations. The Jewish symbols are unmistakable but its colorful façade is reminiscent of Moorish architecture in Spain.

The inside of the synagogue is equally as unique as the outside because the interior decoration was built in Viennese Art Nouveau style.

When entering into the synagogue, the immediate focus is the front pulpit area. The two large golden doors at the center are eye catching and the area is lit with electric candles. On top of the two story arch is a copy of the Ten Commandments and ceiling above the pulpit is arched with a Jewish skylight in the center.

Looking backwards at the rear of the synagogue, the view is equally impressive. The first floor is the entry doors with a small seating area on the second floor but the real attention goes immediately to the large pipe organ in the upper balcony.

The entire architectural design is loaded with attention getting details. The bold paint colors and the colorful patterns on the ceiling that make for a cheerful setting. All of the columns are connected with unique shaped arches that are covered in golden molding and the window are just as colorful with stain glass patterns and religious symbols.

Apart from the architectural experience the synagogue has two museum exhibitions for visitors to view. These exhibitions about the history of the Jewish community in Prague from 1945 to the present day and the second is about Jewish monuments in the Czech Republic and their restoration since 1989.

The Dust on My Shoes

My greatest appeal for traveling is to see places and have experiences that are unique from my other experiences and the Jerusalem Synagogue is one of those places that is unlike any other place that I have seen.

The interior decoration of the synagogue is like no other religious site that I have visited. Most religious places have a solemn feeling but the Jerusalem Synagogue gave me the feeling of a festive place or happy atmosphere. Experiencing a religious site with this style of architecture makes the Jerusalem Synagogue a place to see when visiting Prague.

 The architectural style pushed my comfort level for a religious site but maybe that is okay!

While the synagogue is actively used for worship, it is available to be visited on the inside but they do require that all men wear a kippah (skullcap) which they will provide for non-Jewish visitors (the kippah that I am wearing in the photo was provided for my visit).

Most of my travels have stretched my comfort limits at some point in the trip but many of those experiences have made me a more accepting person.

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  1. That’s so interesting. A gem of a place most people—like me, have never heard of

    1. Thanks Mike, my travels have helped me to find many interesting places like this. There are seemingly unlimited interesting places that most people aren’t aware of because they are not famous.

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