The Lantern Festival is also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Moon-Cake Festival and is one of the most popular events celebrated by the Singaporean Chinese community. It takes place on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month of the Lunar Year and has been celebrated for more than 1000 years in China. Time of year coincides when the full moon is at its brightest and the celebrations start when the sun goes down. This year’s Festival starts is on September 24th.

The festival centers on the worship of Chang’E the Moon Goddess for her favor and fortune. People show their gratitude by sharing moon-cake gifts.

What are Moon Cakes?

Moon cakes come in a various shapes, colors and flavors. The signature moon cake for Singapore is the Durian filled cake but I like the bean filled cakes.

There are a lot of events associated with this festival but my favorite was the theme figure lanterns at the Jurong Chinese Garden. The following pictures are from the Jurong Chinese Garden festival in 2007.

There are several other locations in Singapore that have decorations and activities. The other location that I was able to experience is in Chinatown. The following pictures are from Chinatown in 2017. The first set of pictures are at the entrance of Chinatown.

The next set of photos are also from Chinatown in 2017 but these pictures are of the lantern figures in the median of one of the streets.

In Singapore the festival starts 2 weeks before the actual date of the full moon so if you are planning a trip to Singapore, you might consider being there during this event to take part in the celebration.

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  1. Is the bean filling like the sweetened bean paste in Japan? If so, no thanks!

    1. I have never had the ones in Japan but my guess is that it is similar.

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