Trinidad and Tobago is a dual island Caribbean nation that is the southernmost island in the West Indies. The islands are tropical and the terrain ranges from mountains with the highest point being at 1800 feet to swamps at sea level. With this dramatic range in terrain it enables a substantial variety of plant life to thrive.

During my time in Trinidad and Tobago I spent a significant amount of time enjoying the nature and wildlife on the islands. On my hikes in the rainforest or time spent in the local parks I was always amazed at the beautiful and sometimes strange flowers and plants that I encountered.

This is my first post on plant life and I will be featuring similar posts in the future from other locations. My intent for these post will be to illustrate the flowers and plant life that are native to the specific location. I am not a botanist and I will not try to define the plant life in this post but I just want to bring attention to some of the plant life that otherwise might be overlooked when visiting locations.

I wish that I could put photos all of the flowers and plants into a single post but there are just too many so this post is the first of three that feature the flowers and plants of Trinidad and Tobago. The other two posts will be at some time in the future as I want to have posts on flowers and plants from other locations before I continue more photos from Trinidad and Tobago. The flowers and plants that I encountered in Trinidad and Tobago for part 1 of 3 are shown below:



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2 thoughts on “Flowers and Plants of Trinidad and Tobago #1”

  1. Lovely pictures. Would have really helped if the names were there too. Nice nonetheless. I appreciate your time and effort.

    1. Thanks Sandra! I appreciate your comments and feedback. I will see if I can add some of the names.

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