This post is part 2 of Snorkeling at Dravuni Island in Fiji. Please see part 1 post to find out more about snorkeling at Dravuni Island (link to part 1 is located at the bottom of this post).

As mentioned in my first post, I was able to see and photograph more fish and coral than I could put in one post so this post will show the fish and coral that I did not put in the first post.

The photo at the beginning of this post is of a Jewel Damsel. The fish and coral that I chose to include in this post are shown below:

Vagabond Butterflyfish

Fiji Blue Damsel

Dwarf Harkfish

Emperor Anglefish

Honeycomb Grouper

Manybar Goatfish

Moorish Idol


Scissor-tailed Fusilier

Scribbled Rabbitfish

Six Bar Wrasse

Pacific Chub

Striped Large-eyed Bream

Watson’s Leaping Bonita

Blue Streaked Wrasse

Yellow Remora

Yellowfin Goatfish

The coral that I saw while snorkeling are:

Grooved Brain Coral

Common Mushroom Coral

Tree Worm

Cat’s Tail Red Seaweed

Golfball Coral

Unidentified Coral and seaweed

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