Horseshoe Bay Beach is the top rated beach in Bermuda!

Horseshoe Bay Beach is located at the southeastern coast of the island of Bermuda and is the most photographed beach in Bermuda because of calm turquoise water, seaside cliffs and pink sand. The beach is crescent shaped with natural cliffs on each side that protruding into the Atlantic Ocean which creates a horseshoe shaped bay.

The natural rock jetties forms a shelter from the ocean waves and makes the water calm and easy for “swimming” or just relaxing in the water which is what most people seemed to be doing. There are umbrellas and chairs available for lounging in the shade and there is a beach bar near the parking lot that serves beach food and drinks.

Most of the people stay near the beach entrance because it is close to the parking lot and the beach bar but the far side of the beach is less popular and you may have the beach all to yourself if you are willing to go for a short hike in the sand.

Horseshoe Bay Cove

Horseshoe Bay Cove is a small protected cove that is created by the natural limestone cliffs. The cove is near the parking lot entrance and has shallow calm waters where people enjoy wading in the water without dealing with the motion of the tide caused by the waves.

Just past where the cliffs end and a short distance from the beach is a large reef that follows the coastline along most of the island. The reef is easy for snorkels to see the large variety of fish and sea life that live in the coastal waters of Bermuda. The reef is in the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean so the water can be choppy at times.

An added activity at Horseshoe Bay Beach is rock climbing on the cliffs. Most people only play in the water and on the sand but we also had fun exploring on the large rocks.

Of course, the primary activity is getting in the water and walking on the soft sand. After snorkeling for two days, I was ready to take a break from splashing around in the water but getting my feet wet and sinking my toes into the sand really was nice.

Other nice beaches in Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach is the top rated beach in Bermuda but all of the beaches on the island are nice and many of them are sparsely occupied. A couple of examples of other beaches in Bermuda are shown in the photos below.

The Dust on My Shoes

Horseshoe Bay Beach is the #1 rated beach in Bermuda and is frequently listed among the top rated beached in the world so if you only go to one beach in Bermuda, make it Horseshoe Bay Beach.

One of the big attractions to Horseshoe Bay Beach is the pink sand but it was not as pink as I had expected although it did have a slight pink coloring. Maybe the pink color is more noticeable at a different time of day.

Horseshoe Bay Cove is a unique feature that isn’t available at most beaches. The really calm water is almost like being in a natural swimming pool with fish included. Similar to the cove, going to the beach and being able to explore on the large rock formation is something that is not available at most beaches. These were both unexpected features but they were probably my two favorite activities on my visit to Horseshoe Bay Beach.

Many times in my travels, it has been the unexpected activities that are the most memorable!

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