Sydney Tower Eye is a landmark that literally can’t be missed!

The Sydney Tower Eye was opened to the public in 1981 and has been an integral part of the Sydney Skyline for the past 30 years. In 1998, a lightning rod was added to the top extending the tower’s overall height from 305 Meters to 309 meters (1.014 ft.) tall and 327 meters (1,073 ft.) above sea level.

Golden Cables

The outside of the Sydney Tower is draped with a mesh of golden cables that gives the tower a unique look from other towers that I have seen. While the cable mesh makes the tower stand out visually, the 56 cables also make the tower one of the safest buildings in the world because they are designed to withstand earthquakes and severe wind conditions.

Entrance to the Sydney Tower Eye

Finding the entrance to the Sydney Tower Eye is not obvious because the tower is located on top of the Westfield Sydney Shopping Centre. The Westfield is a large shopping center in the Sydney central business district and the entrance to the Sydney Tower Eye is on the fifty level where double decker elevators ascend above the city skyline to the viewing deck.

Where can the Sydney Tower Eye be seen from?

The Sydney Tower Eye is the tallest structure in Sydney and it can be seen from virtually anywhere in the city. A few examples of this are evident in the photos below.

What can you see from the Sydney Tower Eye?

The Sydney Tower Eye is the name given to the observation deck which is 250 meters (820 ft.) above the street level. The observation deck provides 360 degree panorama views over the city and beyond.

The Sydney central business district is positioned on the Sydney Harbour and the Darling Harbour. There are excellent views of both of these harbors from the observation deck.

Towards the east of Sydney is the South Pacific Ocean and it can be easily be seen from the observation deck. Just a short ferry ride from the central business district are some of Australia’s famous beaches.

Take a closer look!

There is no doubt that there are great views of downtown Sydney and the surrounding area but it also provides wonderful views of some of Sydney’s famous nearby sites. There are nice views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, St. Mary’s Cathedral and Hyde Park but unfortunately the view of the Sydney Opera House is obstructed.

Other activities at the Sydney Tower Eye

The Sydney Tower is all about spectacular views. In addition to the observation deck there are some other activities that are enhanced by the great view from the top of the tower.

The tower has two dining experiences. The Skyfeast is a revolving restaurant where you get stunning views of the city while you enjoy a buffet lunch or dinner and Infinity at Sydney Tower is an upscale restaurant that serves gourmet French-Australian cuisine.

The Skywalk is an open air experience where you can walk around the perimeter of the building and there is a platform with a transparent floor where you can look down at the streets directly below your feet or even lean over the platform rail after attaching yourself to a safety cord.

The Dust on My Shoes

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities that I have visited. It is beautiful from the streets, from the harbor ferries and from the Sydney Tower Eye.

There are so many sites to see and activities to do in Sydney that taking a ride to the Sydney Tower Eye might be overlooked but seeing Sydney from above allows you to have a completely different perspective than is possible from any other place.

If you love great views, you won’t be disappointed with the views from the Sydney Tower Eye!

Two of my favorite ways to view a city that I am visiting is from the water and from above. Both of these should be considered a must do activity when visiting Sydney!

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