The Spree River flows primarily in Germany and is over 400 Kilometers long. The river starts in the Czech Republic and connects into the Elbe River before reaching the North Sea. The focus of this post is on the portion of the river that pass through Berlin.

When I visit a new city, I always enjoy taking a river boat through the city because it gives me a different perspective of the city than I can’t get by staying on the streets. Taking a river boat on the Spree River in Berlin was good way to see some of the famous tourist sites from a completely different vantage point. There are several different river boat tours in Berlin and most of them have an open roof but some boats also have covered sections if you don’t want to bake in the sunshine for the entire tour.

Traveling along the river allows me to get a better view of the many bridges that allow traffic to cross over the river. Some bridges are strictly built for the purpose of transportation but many bridges are ornately decorated with symbols that have meaning to the local people or commemorate a historical event. Some of the bridges on the Spree River are shown in the following photos.

Most rivers that run through cities are a focal point of the city and there are always many interesting building on the banks of the river. Some of the buildings on the Spree River are in the photos below.

Some of the most famous tourist spots are on the banks of the Spree River. Some of the tourist spots that you will see on the riverboat tour are:

Reichstag Building

The Reichstag Building and Dome is one of my favorite places to visit because the dome was one of the most unique features that I have seen in my travels.

Museum Island

Museum Island is an actual island in the Spree River. It has many famous museums that you will want to visit when visiting Berlin and the Berlin Cathedral is also in the Island.

Berlin Cathedral

The boat tour will pass alongside the cathedral and lets you see a portion of the cathedral that is not seen from visiting the cathedral on the island.

The Berliner Fernsehturm is a television tower with an observation deck that can be seen from several places along the river. A couple of these are shown in the next photos.

The Spree River seems to be one of the focal points for the people of Berlin and all along the river there are places that are set up for people to relax and enjoy the riverfront access. One of these is shown in the photo below.

The Dust on My Shoes

The Spree River is a beautiful river and taking a riverboat tour is a relaxing way to see many of the top tourist attractions in Berlin. Seeing a city from the viewpoint of traveling along the river always give me a completely different impression of the city than just seeing it on the street level.

Many of the tour boats serve snacks and drinks which makes the experience even more enjoyable. For me, cooling down by having an ice cream float while taking in the views of the city of Berlin from a slow boat really was a great way to spend the afternoon!

There is a lot to see in Berlin, consider seeing it from the viewpoint of a riverboat.

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  1. Great as always Doug! A building in that second picture looked interesting. As you cross the bridge going to the right, there’s a large open looking building that looks like some kind of warehouse, or terminal, or something? Vented on top? I wonder what that’s used for..

    1. Thanks Kevin! I am glad that you enjoy my topics. I think that is a railway terminal.

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