Perth is the capital of Western Australia and sits where the Swan River meets the southwest coast of Australia. The city is an urban oasis amongst the vast nature of Western Australia. Golden sand beaches line the city’s suburbs and Kings Park and Botanic Garden on Mount Eliza offer fantastic views of the city. The city a great location for water activities, easy access to the Australian outback, four national parks, several state forests and nature reserves.

The high-rise buildings in the Perth Skyline stretch along the banks of the Swan River making for a beautiful setting from the opposite side of the river. The city ferry will take you to the Mends Street Jetty where the photos of this post were taken.

My favorite times to enjoy a city skyline it the time period from just before sunset until the dark of night. This is the time period when the skyline transitions from lifeless buildings to energy filled buildings that makes the city appear to be alive. The series of photos below were taken during this time period and they illustrate the awakening of the city as the light of the sun gives way to the darkness of night.

I find that most skylines have a distinguishing building or landmark that makes the skyline identifiable from all of the other cities. The Perth skyline has both distinguishing high rises and smaller landmarks that identify the skyline.

The three tallest building in the skyline are the BHP Billiton building, the City Park building and the 108 St. George Terrace building. Each of these buildings are unique because of the shape at the top of the building.

The smaller landmarks that might be less noticeable at first glance are the Elizabeth Quay Bridge which is a 110 meter long pedestrian bridge that provides access across the Swan River, the Swan Bell Tower that consists of 18 bells hanging in a 82.5 meter high copper and glass tower and the Spanda sculpture which is a series of six white arches that are nested one within the other standing nine stories tall.  All three of these landmarks light up at night and become notable structures of the Perth Skyline.

The Dust on My Shoes

Big city lights and skylines were uncommon sights for me while growing up in a small town in Texas so seeing beautiful skylines reflecting off the water is an amazing sight for me and I always seek out a great view of each new city that I visit.

My travels have taken me to many of the largest cities in the world but seeing the towering high rise buildings of a city skyline never gets old for me. The view of the skyline after dark always makes me want to sit down and enjoy looking at the bright light of the city against the black backdrop of the night sky.

We normally travel to faraway places to see tourist sights and to have experiences that we can only have in those locations but sometimes there are wonderful sights that aren’t listed on the top sights to see. Don’t miss out on experiencing city skylines because sometimes they are really beautiful sights!

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6 thoughts on “Perth Skyline – Australia”

  1. I knew Sydney was a beautiful city, but I had no idea Perth was this spectacular! Thanks Doug!

    1. Mike, Sydney has always been one of my favorite cities from the first time I visited in the early 90’s. Perth is just as nice as Sydney but a smaller scale. I really enjoyed my time in Perth and the surrounding area. Hopefully I will be able to go back!

  2. Wow, amazing skyline pictures. The skyline in night with the water is amazing.

    1. Thanks Ashoak! Perth is a beautiful city. I really enjoyed my time there. There are places in the Perth area that I did not have time to see so I hope that I will be able to visit again.

  3. Thanks for the great photos, and your willingness to share them.

    1. Ted, I am glad that you enjoy seeing my photos! Photography and travel have always been my passions. There are so many beautiful places in the world if we make the effort to see them.

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