The Golden Bridge also known as Giant Hand Bridge is located at the Sun World Ba Na Hills fantasy amusement park near Da Nang, Vietnam. The Golden Bridge is 150 meters in length and 12.8 meters wide. The bridge curves along the contour of the hill and has two giant hands that appear to be coming out of the hill to support the bridge.

High in the sky

The bridge is located 3,280 feet above sea level and has a spectacular view of the hills beneath it and sometimes even the clouds. On the day that we visited, it was raining in Da Nang and as we took the tram up the hills we passed through the clouds and emerged to spend the day in the sunshine.

The design of the bridge was created to evoke the image of giant hands pulling a strip of gold out of the land.

The hands appear to be made of stone but they are actually sculpted using steel mesh and fiberglass. The bridge is large but the hands are so huge that they make the bridge look small in their palms.

Golden walkway

Most of the attention is given to the hands that come out of the hillside but the golden walkway shouldn’t be overlooked as the golden walkway plays an important contrast with the rugged looking hands and the green of the trees along the hill.

The bridge is a popular tourist attraction so it is almost always crowded and getting a photo without lots of people can be challenging.

The Dust on My Shoes

I think there are a lot of really nice architecturally designed pedestrian bridges around the world. I think these bridges bring a lot of attention to the cities where are built. The Golden Bridge or better know the Giant Hand Bridge is a truly unique bridge and has received worldwide attention because of its design.

I try hard to photograph all of the places that I visit without having people in them. Getting a photo of the Golden Bridge without people truly is impossible so I had to settle for photos of us without any other people. Doing this was extremely difficult but having a little patients and being creative helps to get a great photo.

To get the photo of my wife I only has a fraction of a second where no one else was in the shot and the photo of me required my wife to take a different angle to capture it without other people in the shot.

When you travel to famous places it is likely that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Naturally, coming home with a nice photo is important. Sometimes a little patience will pay off and other times try to take a different angle or use a natural shield to make the shot look like no one is around.

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  1. Another amazing bridge and architecture. Pictures are amazing.

    1. Thanks Ashoak! There are a lot of creative pedestrian bridges that I have enjoyed. I will be posting on more in the future.

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