In Italian, Bellagio means a place of elegant relaxation.

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is an Italian themed hotel that is inspired and named after the town of Bellagio, Italy on Lake Como. It is located in the center of the Las Vegas Strip and it is worthy of taking center stage among the Las Vegas Casinos. The Bellagio hotel and casino is located on 77 acres and includes a 156,000 sq. ft. casino and 3,950 hotel rooms making it the 14th largest hotel in the world by number of room.

The casino opened on October 15th, 1998 and is one of the most iconic venues in Las Vegas. It’s Picasso restaurant has won the AAA Five-Diamond Award every year since 1998. The casino features 2,400 slot machines, a racebook, a sportsbook, a poker room and has 15 different types of table games to choose.

The most famous feature of the Bellagio is its fountain show. The show uses 22 million gallons of water that is held in the 8.5 acre lake in front of the casino. The lake loses water due to evaporation and other caused so 12 million gallons of water are supplemented for the fountains each year. To find out more about the fountain show, click on the link at the end of this post see my post on the Bellagio Fountain Show.

Daytime or nighttime

Daytime or nighttime there is no bad time to visit the Bellagio hotel and Casino. During the day the hotel is built to look like an Italian Villa on the banks of Lake Como. At night the lights of the hotel and shops along the lake reflect off the lake water making for a romantic setting to walk along the lakes edge. Of course, the fountain show is spectacular anytime, it is a one of a kind exhibition.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino – Inside decorations

The first impression upon entering the Bellagio lobby is to marvel at the blown glass flower hanging from the ceiling. This installation contains over 2,000 colorful hand-blown glass flower weighing over 40,000 pounds. The colorful display of blue, green, purple, red and yellow flowers have welcomed visitors to the hotel since its premiere in 1998.

Conservatory and Botanical Garden

Second to the fountain show, the 14,000 sq. ft. Conservatory and Botanical Garden are one of the most memorable features of the Bellagio resort. The show room sits under a giant glass dome 55 feet in the air.

The garden features an ever changing display of decorations and colorful plants that are substituted to match the season. The display changes so often that it is almost guaranteed that it will look different each time you visit.

Each exhibit is built and maintained by staff of 125 people that oversee the Bellagio Gardens. Every two weeks the flowers are replaced to ensure that there are on withered flowers or wilted leaves.

The Dust on My Shoes

Each time I visit Las Vegas, I always make it a priority to include two activities, see the Bellagio Fountain Show and visit the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden.

The themed decorations in the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden are amazing and the flowers are beautiful. The decorations set the theme but the plants and flowers turn the exhibit into a living work of art.

Sometimes I feel like I am walking around in a really large living Rose Parade float when I visit the Bellagio conservatory. Many of the decorations remind me of the decorations on the Rose Parade floats but the big difference is that the plants and flowers in the conservatory are still living.

Between the amazing fountain shows, the beautiful blown glass display in the lobby and the stunning seasonal garden exhibition in the conservatory, it is hard to notice that there is a casino in the hotel.

Las Vegas is famous for gambling but the Las Vegas Strip is not all about the casinos. There is so much to see and do that it may be hard to find time go into the casinos.

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