The Bangkok Flower Market is one of the top five ranked flower market in the world.

The Bangkok Flower Market is located just off the Chao Phraya River in the historical district close to the Grand Palace and Wat Po. Typical to most of Bangkok’s markets, it is a maze of narrow lanes and countless stalls except that the flower market overwhelms your senses with a rainbow of colorful sights in all directions and an indulgence of smells that changes as you walk through the market.

The flower market covers several city blocks and is filled with flower vendors busy around the clock as it is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week. It is busiest at night when flower deliveries arrive and early in the morning when buyers for restaurants, hotels and other business purchase their flowers.

Local Thai Flowers

Most of the flowers in the market are local Thai flowers that come from nearby provinces but some of the flowers need a cooler climate are grown in the mountains of northern Thailand near Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Some of the flower species that normally seen in the flower market are jasmine, roses, chrysanthemums, orchids, lilies, tulips and yellow marigolds.

Flower Garlands

While walking through the narrow lanes you many notice people making flower garlands. Flower garlands are given as offerings at Buddhist temples, spirit houses and shrines. These flower garlands are hand made by tediously threading a needle through small buds repeatedly until the arrangement has been created. Many times ice is used to keep the flowers fresh after the garland has been completed.

Bai Si decorative cones

Bai Si is a decorative banana-leaf cone used as an offering to the deities as well as tokens in rituals and religious ceremonies. The decorative banana-leaf cones are included in many important occasions throughout people’s lives including births, Buddhist ordinations, weddings and more in hopes of being rewarded with good fortune.

The Dust on My Shoes

Bangkok is known for its colorful markets. Most visitors to Thailand will go to a night market for having street food, visit the unique floating market and spend a few hours at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. The Bangkok Flower Market is not at the top of markets for most visitors but it is just as unforgettable as the other markets in Bangkok.

Visiting the Bangkok Flower Market is like being in a sea of beautiful and colorful flower. The market is full of stalls featuring local fresh cut flowers piled high that produce an array of scents and fragrances.

Many places that tourists visit in Thailand are historical sites. The Bangkok Flower Market differs from most tourist’s sites because it is a place where visitors can experience one of the city’s large scale daily events.

Thailand is loaded with amazing places, beautiful sights and unforgettable experiences. Include the Bangkok Flower Market in your trip for the colorful sights and wonderful smells.

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