Little Sahara sand dunes are an incredible white sand dune system that covers over two square kilometres on Kangaroo Island, Australia. The Little Sahara dunes are naturally occurring along the coast with the highest peaks reaching 70 meters above sea level.

There is some vegetation growing in the sand which is good because it helps to stabilize the dunes and prevents them from moving in the wind. I like seeing the vegetation because it makes for more interesting photos and it gives a beachy feeling to the dunes.

The most popular activities in Little Sahara are sandboarding and tobogganing. Both sand boards and toboggans can be rented at the dunes so it is easy to try it out and enjoy the dunes from a different perspective.

Sandboarding takes a little practice to get the knack but tobogganing is a blast even if you have never tried it before.

Warning: if you do decide to try these out, it is impossible to stay clean. The sand has a way of getting everywhere!

The views alone are spectacular even if you aren’t interested in spending the day playing in the sand. Little Sahara is close to Seal Bay where you have the chance to get up close and personal with the resident Australian Sea Lions that live on the island. They will actually let you get within a few feet of them if you approach slowly.

The Dust on my Shoes

I have only had the opportunity to be in large sand dunes a few times in my life and to me it seems like a strange phenomenon. I think the large dunes are beautiful as the smooth contour of the rolling dunes are completely the same color. Most things in nature are jagged and have variation in color, I think that is why sand dunes are so striking when there is a cloudless blue sky. Unfortunately, there were clouds in the sky on the day I visited Little Sahara.

I always enjoy being in nature. Most of the time I just enjoy walking in the natural environment while observing the beauty of my surroundings but sometime nature can be interacted with. Sandboarding and tobogganing (sand sledding) is one of the funniest activities that I have done in recent years. Maybe it is just being able to act like a kid that makes it so much fun.

Whether you just enjoy the beauty of the sand dunes or take a ride on the waves of sand, don’t pass up the opportunity to experience Little Sahara!

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