The White Cliffs of Dover are located about 80 miles from London along the English Channel. The cliffs are at the point where the distance between the United Kingdom and France are the closest, a mere 20 miles away.

The cliffs are primarily made of chalk giving them the white color. They are approximately 300 feet tall and stretch for 16 miles with the town of Dover located in the mid-point of the formation.

There are several trails that make for wonderful views of the cliffs and this portion of the British coast. Some of the trails are on the upper level of cliffs and some are on the lower level as can be seen in the photos below.

Walking along the cliff tops is a nice view but looking up at the cliffs gave me a completely different perspective. It was really hard to understand how enormous these cliffs are until I was standing on the beach looking up at them.

If you ever thought about sailing across the English Channel, Dover is the place to do it. A ferry travels between Dover, England and Calais, France that takes an hour and a half. Looking at the White Cliffs of Dover from the ferry would be a much better view than seeing them from the land. The photos below are of the ferry harbor.

The Final Photo

Sometimes I like for my final photo of a post to make a lasting impression. This is the case with the White Cliffs of Dover. These cliffs are enormous and the photo below illustrates how big they are and the photo shows the striking visual effect they make up against the blue ocean water and the green fields growing on top of them.

4 thoughts on “White Cliffs of Dover – England”

  1. Thanks for the memory! We had rough seas and an upset digestive system.
    But the view was awesome!

    1. Marlene, Many times the weather conditions are not perfect when we travel but I am glad that you could still appreciate seeing something as special as the White Cliffs of Dover.

    1. Thanks Ashoak! The White Cliffs of Dover are a unique rock formation. The the green grass on top of the white rocks that drop down into the blue water makes for a beautiful setting.

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