Toronto is the capital city of the Province of Ontario and is on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. It is a major Canadian city with the central business district full of skyscrapers.

Toronto has two iconic buildings that make it instantly identifiable from any other city skyline. These buildings are the Rogers Center which was originally named the SkyDome and is where the Toronto Blue Jays play and the CN Tower which dwarfs all of the other buildings in the skyline. These two buildings are the highlight of the Toronto Skyline. The Rogers Center adds a constant blue arch to the skyline and the CN Tower dominates all other buildings and changes colors from top to bottom.

Like most cities, the Toronto skyline changes its look from day-time to night-time and from different angles. Toronto’s location on Lake Ontario allows visitors to see the city from different vantages while riding the local ferry that starts in the center of the city and goes to three different stopping locations. The photos below were taken from the ferry going to Centre Island.

One thing that I like about water front cities is that there are usually lots of boats on the water that add to the atmosphere of the city’s skyline. Toronto is no exception to this as there are many boats on the lake even in the middle of the week as the sun is starting to set.

Another thing that enjoyed about the shoreline opposite of the skyline were the abundance of birds in the water. The following two pictures show one of many Canadian Geese and a Mute Swan. These birds really give the photo of the city skyline a sense of life.

Most of the photos taken in this post were from Centre Island. Without a doubt, it is a great location for viewing the Toronto Skyline but there are some spots that are literally made for setting and watching the city transform into a beautiful bright and colorful cityscape. The following two pictures show a portion of a restaurant deck and a rock pier that are a perfect for relaxing and enjoying this transformation.

Sunsets are always beautiful but to me watching the sunset on a city skyline is just as nice as seeing is set across an open field. The next few pictures shows beauty of the Toronto skyline at sunset.

After the sun has dropped below the horizon, the city lights start to become more noticeable and the CN Tower starts its show as different sections change colors and gives the tower several different looks with different color combinations.

The Toronto skyline is most beautiful right before dark. That is when the outlines of the buildings are still visible and the lights are showing bright. The blue arch of the Rogers Center is standing out and the color light show from the CN Tower can really be noticed. The final three pictures show three different color combinations of the CN Tower. The main support, viewing area and upper section all change colors and make the entire skyline have a different appearance.

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