Australia is a continent known for unusual things. One of the unusual things that I discovered in my travels throughout Australia is that there are many unusual rock formations distributed around the country.

The Remarkable Rocks are located on Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island is known as the Galapagos of Australia for its access to wildlife but the island’s signature landmark are the Remarkable rocks. Many of the rocks are covered by a golden orange lichen as seen in the photos below but what makes the Remarkable Rocks so fascinating are the strange shapes that have been created from rain and harsh winds.

There are 3 distinct formations that I found interesting.

1. Some rocks have unusual projections. These rocks are anchored on one end by a large solid granite boulder but they have a strange projection that is suspended into the air.

2. Some of the rocks have cavities created within them. These rocks are large rounded boulders with a cavity carved into the center of the boulder.

3. Almost all of the rocks have strange shapes. The shapes of these rocks are so abstract that they take on a form of nature’s art.

Looking at these rocks, it seems almost impossible that large granite boulders could be molded and hollowed out by forces of nature like rain and wind but these rocks are one of many examples of this type of destruction that I have seen around the world.

It really shows that a larger stronger object can be overcome and destroyed by a lesser force if it is constantly subjected the attacks of those powers.

Note: The rocks are not restricted to access so it is easy to check them out up close and to take some nice photos with the rocks.

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