Potsdamer Platz is a modernized plaza that is surrounded by modern skyscraper with a covered public space in the center. It is in the Berlin city center located only about one kilometer from Brandenburg Gate with the Reichstag and Tiergarten (park) also nearby.

The view of Potsdamer Platz from the Reichstag rooftop and from the top of the Victory Column are shown below. These views make the covering of the plaza look like the conical shape of a steel volcano or a modern big top of a circus.

Under the big top, everything changes as the sleek modern plaza reveals why it is a popular spot for locals to hangout and it is a top destination for visitors to Berlin. The plaza is a hotspot of activity as something is happening everywhere you look. The plaza has a fountain in the center, a shopping mall, the largest 3D theater in Germany, art exhibits, restaurants and coffee shops. Many of the restaurants have tables for outside dining which is great for enjoying the atmosphere while having dinner or a drink.

The defining element of the plaza is the outstretched tent roof supported by steel cables that are attached to the adjacent buildings. When the daylight fades, triangular panels under the tent are lit with changing colors that rotate between pink, blue and purple. The photos below were taken as it was becoming dark.

After dark the colors of the panels become more vivid and the changing of the colors becomes a statement element for the plaza.

The modern design of the plaza’s cover combined with the changing colors provides a futuristic atmosphere for the glass covered high-rises that function as the defining walls of the plaza.

The big top covering Potsdamer Platz is a one of a kind architectural feature that is a “must see” site for people that enjoy modern architecture. It is one of those features that was hard for me to take my eyes off of it. I found myself looking around at all of the action but my eyes always seemed to venture back to the “Big Top”. So here is one more look at the big top as it changes colors.

The Dust on My Shoes

Berlin is famous for its history but modern Berlin has many sites that are on the cutting edge of modern style. Potsdamer Platz gave me the feeling of something that I would find in Singapore or Tokyo. The plaza is encased by clean lines of glass buildings that reflects the colorful lights of the rooftop covering.

Many times when I plan a trip, it is easy to find daytime activities but I also like to look for place to go and things to do after dark. Potsdamer Platz is a great place to spend an evening by taking in a movie, shopping, having a relaxing dinner or just sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while people watching.

When visiting Berlin, it is easy to fill your schedule with historical sites but Berlin is not all about the past. Make sure to also check out Berlin’s contemporary sites and Postdamer Platz is a good place to start.

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