The highlight of downtown Boulder is the Pearl Street Outdoor Mall.

Pearl Street Outdoor Mall is a vibrant pedestrian zone that stretches from 8th to 20th streets in downtown Boulder, Colorado. The mall features restaurants, bars, retail shops and some interesting local charm.


The retail shops include many brand name stores that can be found in most malls but there are also many local boutique shops and some trendy galleries.


The restaurants are mostly local establishments with both inside and outside dining which have an equally laid-back atmosphere. The difference is whether you want to eat in a quiet environment or have people passing by while you eat.

Quirky Vibe

The walking street has a casual atmosphere with vintage store fronts that provide the feeling of being in a past era but it is hard not to notice the quirky vibe that is created with some of the accent like rainbow colored cross walk lanes and deer statue with multi colored graffiti wearing a bouquet of pink flowers.

Boulders and Buffalos

Two of the unique sculptures along the walking path are boulders and buffalos. These two themes fit into the local narrative of the city as the city is named for the large number of boulders in the area and the buffalo was a significant part of the areas past.

Relaxing place for walking

The outdoor mall is a nice place to go for a relaxing walk even if you are not interested in shopping. The brick sidewalks and vintage store front create an enjoyable atmosphere to take a stroll.

Street Performers

Similar to many tourist areas, the Pearl Street Outdoor Mall attracts many street performers. Most of the performers are enjoyable to watch or listen to and they add to the atmosphere of the mall. I always enjoy street performers and I think they enhance the experience of being at the tourist site.

Beautiful Scenery

Colorado is known for having beautiful scenery and the scenery at the outdoor mall in Boulder is wonderful. Even with all there is to do, it is tempting to sit down and just enjoy the scenery.

The Dust on My Shoes

Pearl Street Outdoor Mall is a unique shopping street. The architecture is from the original time of the town’s early beginnings but there is a modern feeling with the outdoor dining and some of the art installations.

Many of the shops carry brands that are common to other malls but there are other shops that are distinctive to Colorado culture. Most of the restaurants seem to be locally owned and this makes eating at the mall an experience that can be a memorable part of your vacation.

Overall my time spent on Pearl Street was relaxing and enjoyable.

Going to a mall is not on my normal vacation agenda but the Pearl Street Outdoor Mall is more of a cultural experience than a shopping trip and the scenery is really nice.

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