The Museum of Cham Sculpture is located in Da Nang, Vietnam and is the only museum in the world completely dedicated to the Champa era. The museum was founded in 1915 and displays almost 300 works of art ranging from the 7th to the 15th centuries.

This post is a follow-up to my post on the Cham archeological site at Mỹ Sơn. Many people visit the Cham archeological site at Mỹ Sơn because it is a world heritage site. In addition to going to Mỹ Sơn, I recommend spending time at the Museum of Cham Sculpture because it will make your experience to Mỹ Sơn more meaningful.

The artifacts displayed in the museum are statues, reliefs and small decorative works with the majority of them reflecting the Hindu influence of the culture.



Small Artwork

The Dust on My Shoes

I rarely visit museums when I travel because I am more interested in seeing an archeological site than relics from the past that are displayed behind glass but after visiting the Cham archeological site at Mỹ Sơn I was interested in seeing some of the art that went along with the archeological site.

I think visiting the archeological site combined with visiting the museum helps to get a complete picture of the Champa society. These two places should both be visited when staying in Da Nang because they really complement each other. Visiting one without visiting the other would be missing out on seeing a vital part of the Cham society.

Many people enjoy visiting museums and a lot can be learned from seeing museum exhibits. If you have an opportunity to experience an archeological site then seeing an exhibit from that site will make the exhibit more meaningful.

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