Parrots are one of my favorite birds because they are very colorful and they have fun personalities. When I watch parrots they remind me of mischievous teenagers. Sometimes they even laugh at themselves.

While I was watching the parrots shown in this post interact with each other, the male seems to be very affectionate to the female as I watched the male bring food to the female but unlike most parrot species, male and female Eclectus Parrots will mate with multiple partners.

The surprising thing about these parrots was how different the male and female of this species look. I have shared a few photos (below) of the male and female Eclectus Parrot (the males are mostly green while the females are mostly red).

One of the features that I really like about these parrots is the brightly colored orange and yellow upper beak on the male. It is really dramatic compared to its green body. The following photos provide a good view of this feature.

About this Bird

Family: Parrot

Size: about 15 oz., approximately 12 to 14 inches high with a 20 inch wing span

Life span: Average life span is 30 years but they can live up to 75 years.

Location: Solomon Islands, New Guinea and northeastern Australia.

Interesting Fact: The male and female look drastically different for the Eclectus Parrots. They are so different that first Europeans to see the Eclectus Parrots thought they were two different species of birds.

Diet: They eat mostly fruits but they will also eat some nuts, flowers and leaf buds.

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