Crested Pigeons are exclusive to Australia. They were previously only seen in the interior of the country in rural areas but they have recently transitioned into the urban areas and are commonly seen in all of Australia’s cities. The photos in this post were taken in parks of Adelaide and Melbourne.

Most pigeons never sit still. They are almost always moving which makes photographing them a little bit of a challenge but that movement can make for some funny pictures. The photos below are a good example of some of the strange positions that these pigeons make.

The first time that I saw a Crested Pigeon, I thought that it was strange with the thin black feathers sticking straight up like a crown. I think they are pretty with the gray and pinkish body, striped wings and glossy yellow, blue and purple patches.

Crested Pigeons need to drink water regularly so the best place to see them are near water and the best time is in the early morning or late afternoon.

About this Bird

Family: Pigeon

Location: Australia

Interesting Fact: Male and Female sit on the eggs and care for the young.

Diet: Small seeds, leaves and insects.

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