Cartagena Skyline has both a bay front and sea front access.

Cartagena Colombia is the most popular city in Colombia for tourist but it is not the capital and it is only the 5th largest city in the country. The city is located on the Caribbean coast and has consistent pleasant weather year round. The temperature is almost exactly the same every day of the year.

The high-rise buildings in the Cartagena Skyline stretch along the Bay of Cartagena making the skyline wider than I have seen from other skylines. It was so wide that I could not get all of the skyline in one photo so I included two photos below to show the entire skyline.

Colonial Cartagena

One thing that is a little unusual for city skylines is that Cartagena still has an old town that is separated from the modern city skyline. The photo of the old town below provides a glimpse of how the earlier version of the Cartagena Skyline would have looked which is something that we normally don’t get to see.

Distinguishing Landmarks

I have always been a fan of city skylines and I find that most skylines have a distinguishing building or landmark that makes them identifiable from all of the other cities. On first glance I did not see anything that I could say made the Cartagena Skyline instantly identifiable but there are two features that are unique to the Cartagena Skyline. The first is actually located in the Bay of Cartagena but it becomes part of the skyline when looking from the bay view. This icon is a statue of the Virgin Mary that is 30 feet tall and sits on top of a 60 foot tower making it something that can’t be missed. The second identifiable characteristic is that the city has both a Bayfront and Seafront which is shown in the last set of photos.

Bay of Cartagena

Cartagena’s Skyline surprised me by how large it is but after getting a better understanding of the layout of the city it suddenly became obvious why it is so large. There are skyscrapers along the Bay of Cartagena and the beaches of the Caribbean Sea. The photos below shows how the city follows along the Bay of Cartagena and then it wraps around the outlet of the bay and along the beaches of the Caribbean. Part of the city is actually a peninsula that provides access to both the bay and the sea.

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