The Seattle Skyline is one of the world’s most recognizable skylines. Most people instantly recognize the Space Needle tower and know that this is the Seattle Skyline.

While the Space Needle tower is the defining building for the Seattle Skyline there are some other feature that make the Seattle Skyline notable. When visiting Seattle, it doesn’t take long before you will see a small pontoon airplane flying across the sky equipped for landing on the water. Sea planes are used in Seattle for scenic tour, flight to neighboring islands and for charter flights. The photo below is a perfect example of a common sight that you can expect to see in Seattle.

While most noteworthy skylines have an identifying building or landmark, Seattle actually has two identifying landmarks. Of course, the Space Needle is the most obvious but the second identifying landmark is Mount Rainier which is seen off in the distance but it can’t be missed. The panoramic photo below shows the complete Seattle Skyline with both of its identifying landmarks.

I have mentioned before that one of my favorite things to do when I travel to a city is to find a nice view of the skyline. Then, relax and watch the city come to life as the sunsets. I really enjoy seeing the transition of a city’s skyline from daytime to night. In Seattle the sunset not only lights up the city’s skyline but it also brightens the view of Mount Rainier.

The twilight period is really nice because it is the time when there is still enough light to see Mount Rainier but the lights of the skyline can also be seen.

Once night time comes, the view of Mount Rainier fades away and the lights of the skyline become more visible. This is when the beauty of the Space Needle is really seen and it dominates the view of the Seattle Skyline.

The Dust on My Shoes

There are many places around Seattle that have nice views of the skyline but my favorite is from Kenny Park. All of the photos from this post were taken from this location.

Kenny Park is a small public park with panoramic views of downtown Seattle and Elliott Bay. During the day there are not a lot of people in the park but when it gets close to sunset the park gets crowded with people trying to enjoy the view of Seattle Skyline.

Most of the time when I travel, I try to avoid crowds if possible but sometimes the sight or event is worth enduring the crowds. Seeing the Seattle Skyline at dusk is one of those times!

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    Beautiful pictures.

    I had a chance to visit this beautiful city and it’s skyline last year. It was amazing.

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