Our Planet has amazed me for my entire life. From the time that I was a child reading the monthly National Geographic Magazines I dreamed of being able to see and experience all of the amazing natural wonders, the incredible man-made achievements and the all of the fascinating cultures around the world. I have been lucky to travel to many places around the world and in all of my travels I have never been disappointed in the places that I have been to or the things that I have seen.

Each of my post in this blog will be about a specific place in nature, a specific attraction within a city, a specific activity or a specific group of people. My goal in making each post about a specific topic is to be able to focus on that topic and allow the reader to get a better look at just that topic and not for that topic to be a small part of an article about a city of a country.

When I post on a topic, each posts will be assigned to a specific location destination (i.e. city, state or country). As I continue to post about a destination, that destination will be populated with many specific topics so that all of the topics from a specific destination can be seen in that destination location.

I have visited 50 countries (so far) within several different regions of the world. In an attempt to help organize my posts, I have grouped the countries that I have visited by regions. The regions that I have developed are by cultural geography and not necessarily by conventionally defined geography. The regions that I have organized my posts are shown below. Click on the picture of that region to get more information about that region and see the countries that I have placed in each regional location.


Latin American

Middle East
North America

(Down Under and
Pacific Islands)