Each month I will post on a different species of bird. Over time I will try to show the diversity of birds that live in our planet and how some bird species live only in a small section of the world and some species are practically found globally.

There are so many things that I find fascinating about the diversity of birds. The major distinctions between bird families that I find fascinating are:

• The beaks on bird differ dramatically. Some are tiny while others are huge and some are strange shaped.
• Body size. Some birds are so small that you can hardly see them and others are almost as big as a human.
• Some bird migrate thousands of mile every year but some birds don’t even fly.
• Bird’s legs can be short or extremely long.
• Some birds are land bird, others are almost always in the water and some birds stay in the air for hours at a time.
• Some bird’s colors are amazing.
• The diversity in their diet is also amazing. Birds eat almost everything from live animals, dead animals, fish and ocean creatures, seeds, nuts, honey, fruit, insects, etc.

I can go on and on about birds because I find them so interesting but hopefully I will be able to provide you with some high quality phots and a brief write-up on each bird that you will enjoy.

On this page, I have identified categories of birds that I have photographed in my travels. When I make posts that fit into one of the categories of birds show below, I will add that post to the appropriate category.

This blog is still very new so I currently only have a few categories of birds. Overall I have grouped the birds that I have photographed into 20 categories. I will add new categories as I make posts on birds from a new category. Some of the categories of birds shown below may not have post linked to them at this time but I intend to make a post on that category very soon. When I make post in this category of bird then I will add the link to that category of bird.

Click on the photo below and it will take you to all of the posts that I have posted in the each category of bird.

Doves and Pigeons

Freshwater Wetland



Shorebirds – Gliders

Green Honeycreeper Male on a tree