La Rambla Street is a tree-lined pedestrian street in central Barcelona and is one of the most popular attractions to visit in Barcelona.

It begins at the Placa de Catalunya (Park of Catalonia) and stretches for 1.2 Kilometers (0.75 miles) where it ends at the Christopher Columbus Monument. A photo of the Park of Catalonia is shown below.

Walking along La Rambla Street is a unique experience because it is a mixture of tourists and locals. Tourist and locals come for the relaxing family environment with lots of places for shopping and a large variety of restaurants.

La Rambla Street is loaded with restaurants featuring local Spanish foods. Many of the restaurants are set up for eating alfresco where you can sit and enjoy the nice weather and people watch but there are also many restaurants where you can sit inside and get out of the crowd.

Most of the restaurants have menus posted that allow you to decide if you want to eat there are move on to the nest restaurant. Of course, there is nothing wrong with getting a drink and having some tapas and then move on to the next place for sangria and paella, then have dessert somewhere else.

Aside from restaurants there are kiosks that specialize in juices, crepes and ice cream (gelat).

There are many kiosks along the street that are specialize in selling souvenirs to tourist.

There are other attractions along La Rambla Street that are worth visiting. La Rambla Street borders the Gothic Quarter which I have posted on earlier and there is a link to that post at the bottom of this post.

One of the most visited attractions on La Rambla Street is the La Boqueria Market which I intend on featuring in a future post. This market is full of local products that allows you to taste some of the local foods and it lets you experience the Barcelona market life.

Another place that I would recommend visiting is Placa Reial which is just one block off of La Rambla Street. Placa Reial is a large plaza featuring a fountain in the center with lots of shops and restaurants on the first floor of the buildings that frame the plaza. If you are lucky, you may get to watch a street performer while you sit and enjoy some dessert.

La Rambla Street ends at the Columbus Monument next to the Port Vell Marina. The Columbus Monument is a popular tourist attraction which I will feature in another post. The marina is nice and it connects with the Maremagnum Chopping Center.

Gothic Quarter

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    1. Thanks Kevin, Barcelona is a fun city. There are a lot of things to see and do.

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