I always enjoy seeing hummingbirds! They are amazing to watch as they are hovering over a flower when they are eating the flower’s nectar.

The White-Chested Emerald Hummingbird is a pretty humming bird. The emerald color on its back is bright when it is in the sunlight and the white on its chest makes for a nice contrast when they are darting from flower to flower.

There is not a lot of information known about these hummingbirds. They are commonly seen in Trinidad but are not as easily seen in South America.

I really like the details of the tiny feathers on the chest and head in the next few pictures. The following two photos were taken when there was a light rain and the raindrop streak can be seen in the background.

The two pictures below reveal how colorful this hummingbird is when it is in the sunlight.

I like the photo above because it shows a nice view of the beak and how it is perfectly made for going deep into a flower to get the nectar out of the flower.

About this Bird

Family: Hummingbird

Size: about 4 to 6 grams. approximately 9 to 10 cm

Location: Lives in the rainforest in northeastern part of South America and in Trinidad.

Diet: They eat mostly nectar from flowers of large trees.

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  1. Great images! It’s tough to get close to wild hummingbirds unless you’re feeding them.

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