Sung Sot Cave is located inside Bo Hon Island in the middle of Ha Long Bay and it is considered to be the best cave in Ha Long Bay. The name “Sung Sot” Cave means “Surprise” Cave and is named that because the discoverers were surprise how large the cave is when the small entrance opened into a large cave with many interesting formations.

Bo Hon Island looks like almost all of the other islands in Ha Long Bay. The two photos below give an idea of how this island looks and why it is such a surprise to have a large will developed cave inside this island.

Sung Sot Cave is a large cave system that has a 500 meter stone pathway which goes from the entrance to the exit of the cave. The pathway winds through the cave taking visitors past the best formations in the cave.

The cave is lit with several colors of lighting including white lights that shows the natural color of the cave formations. This is seen in the next 2 pictures.

Other places in the cave provide a mixture of natural lighting with colored lighting. Some places have natural lighting on the main formation with colored lighting in the background and in other places the main formation is lit with colored lighting and natural lighting in the background. Both of these techniques make for a really nice effect.

There are some formations within the cave that were lit with a single colored lighting which makes the formation look like it was created with a mineral with that color.

Some areas of the cave have more than one color of lighting overlapping on a formation. In these places the lighting gives a modern or contemporary look to a formations that took thousands of years to develop.

Yellow and orange are two of the most used colors within the cave. The next 3 photos shows a formation in solid yellow, then a mixture of yellow and orange and finally a formation primarily in orange.

The largest cavern in the cave has a ceiling that is about 30 meters high. In this large open area there are several large columns that appear to be supporting the ceiling. Some of these columns are massive and other are not a large but the formations on them are impressive.

The next set of photos continue to show the use of colored lighting on the cave formations. Some places use multiple color lights and others combine a single color with the natural color of the cave formations.

The final 2 photos are two of my favorite because multiple colored lighting is used on the ceiling and the lower formation is natural colored. I really like this technique and I think that it make for a unique effect.

Almost everyone that visit Ha Long Bay comes to see the beauty of the bay with thousands of limestone islands that are covered with jungle vegetation and without a doubt they are the highlight of visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site. However, if you do go Ha Long Bay, don’t leave without visiting Sung Sot Cave because you will also be “surprised” by this wonderful cave that you would never expect to find in the middle of a bay of small islands.

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    1. Thanks Tommy! I am glad that you enjoyed the photos. Photographing inside caves is difficult. The cave was really nice and was fun to visit.

    1. I always like the colored lighting in caves. I think it makes the formations look better.

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