Papapapaitai Falls is located in the heart of Upola Island in Samoa. It is easily seen but it is not easy to access. The falls are a short distance from the Cross-Island Road that connects the country’s capital city of Apia with the southern part of the island. There is a lookout location near the pullover spot where the waterfall can be seen in all of it beauty. This is the closest to the waterfall that can reached as there are no paths to the waterfall so it is not possible to swim in the lower ponds.

Papapapaitai Falls is thought to be the tallest waterfall in Samoa as the water tumbles straight down a gorge 100 meter (328 feet) into a small pool. A second smaller waterfall cascades down into a smaller pool.

The Dust on My Shoes

Papapapaitai Falls are surrounded by tropical forested cliffs which make the waterfall inaccessible to people but they are easily seen from the lookout stop near one of Samoa’s main roads. Many waterfall like this can only be seen from helicopters so being able to see this waterfall is a nice treat.

Being in a tropical island and seeing such a beautiful waterfall, it is only natural to want to go swimming in the lower pool but that is impossible due to the rugged landscape. The good feature that comes from not being able to access the waterfall is that it is untouched nature and it looks the same today as it always has looked.

Beautiful unspoiled nature is a rare sight. I always cherish my times when I have been able to see and experience nature in its pure form.

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