The Northern Pintail Duck are common throughout the northern hemisphere. They spend the summer months in the northern regions and migrate south in the colder months.

I really felt the coloration of these birds were very unique. I think it is interesting how their white chest streaks up their neck to the back of their head. The main part of their body is unusual with alternating brown and white pinstripes. Even their beck has a large white patch on both sides.

The best place to see these ducks are in National Wildlife Refuges but they can also be found in parks with large lakes. I actually photographed these in Ueno Park in Tokyo, Japan during the height of the Cherry Blossoms.

About this Bird

Family: Duck

Location: Widespread across North America, Europe, and Asia and can be seen in marshes, prairies, fresh ponds, lakes and salt bays.

Size: Male – 25 inches long and 2.25 lbs. Female – 21 inches long and 1.9 lbs.

Diet: Mostly seeds, insects.

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