Linderhof Palace was the royal villa of Ludwig II of Bravaria. It was originally a hunting lodge belonging to his father Maximilian II. The palace was completed in 1874 and the gardens around the palace was completed in 1880. The palace is located about 100 km southwest of Munich, Germany and sets in the foothills of the Alps in the German Bavaria.

The photo below is the front view of the palace and the next photo is a view from the entrance patio of the palace.

The palace is surrounded with Baroque style gardens (gardens with symmetry) on all sides of the palace. The Baroque garden became known as a French formal garden. The greatest example of this style garden are the Gardens of Versailles. The gardens at Linderhof Palace are modeled after the Gardens of Versailles but on a miniature scale.

The garden directly in front of the palace is highlighted by a reflecting pond with a group of golden statues in the center of the pond that erupts into a towering fountain. Colorful flowers create an attractive border around the pond.

The fountain in the reflecting pond operates every half hour. It starts off modestly and then jets to a height of nearly 25 meters.

Just past the main garden is the terrace gardens. The terrace garden consists of three level with sculptures or fountains on each level. On the landing of the first set of stair is a three tier fountain. On the middle landing is a stone bust of Marie Antoinette of France and the top of the garden is round pavilion with a statue of Venus.

The other sides of the palace have formal gardens that are shielded from the outside view by tall shrubs making the garden very private. The photo below is of the eastern garden. The garden has several stone sculptures around the sides and the main sculpture in the center is of Venus and Adonis is the focal point of the garden.

On the end of the garden is a small fountain with a golden statue shooting an arrow. At the top of the stairs is a wooden pavilion containing the bust of Louis XVI.

The Dust on My Shoes

The Linderhof Palace is not very large but it is nice. I would have liked to include photos from inside the palace but they don’t allow photography inside. Photographing my travels is very important to me because it helps me remember the things that I have seen. I know that there are places to find photographs of places that don’t allow non-licensed photographs but seeing photos that I take have more meaning to me because I can remember details of each photo that I have taken. Not being able to take photos doesn’t stop me from visiting these places but I enjoy them better if I come home with my personal photos.

The gardens at Linderhof Palace are also small but just like the palace they are very nice. I probably enjoyed the gardens more than the inside of the palace but that may be because I am an outdoors person and I liked the formal garden setting.

 “Exorbitant luxury is not something that I enjoy and I don’t really enjoy being around so much excess of means. Many people like these settings and Linderhof Palace is a wonderful place to experience it because it is a smaller venue that is not too crowded.”

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