This post is part 2 of the fish and coral in Jinek Bay Marine Reserve that is located on Lifou Island in New Caledonia. In my part 1 post I included photos of 18 fish species and 6 coral species. In this post I have included 19 fish species, 2 coral species and photos of two different giant clams. Please see part 1 post to find out more about this marine reserve (link to part 1 is located at the bottom of this post).

As mentioned in my first post, I was able to see and photograph more fish and coral than I could put in one post so this post is a continuation of the fish and coral that I did not put in the first post. The fish and coral that I chose to include in this post are shown below.

The fish that I saw while snorkeling are:

Blue-spot Butterflyfish

Chevroned Butterflyfish

Eastern Triangular Butterflyfish

Oval-spot Butterflyfish

Speckled Butterflyfish

Bullethead Parrotfish

Bluespine Unicornfish

Orangespine Unicornfish

Bluespotted Cornetfish

Freckled Hawkfish

Orangespotted Filefish

Pacific Sailfin Tang

Six Bar Wrasse

Barred Thicklip Wrasse

Blue-Green Chromis

South Sea Devil Damsel

Fiji Blue Devil Damsel

Lemonpeel Anglefish

Scissortail Sargent

The coral that I saw while snorkeling are:

Encrusting Coral

Finger Coral

Fluted Giant Clam

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2 thoughts on “Jinek Bay Marine Reserve (Part 2) – New Caledonia”

  1. Wow; Doug! Just when I thought I saw Jinek Bay M. R. (from Part 1) . . . here we go again! What beautiful fish, coral, and clams! Exquisite colors and dazzling diversity. I am so thankful you are chronicling your adventures of these and others places. All of us who enjoy seeing these pics are inspired and motivated to be more mindful of the world we live in, and hopefully, the Creator that loves His creation so much.

    I believe I asked before if I could share your website with others. I hope to be sharing it with many more, assuming that’s okay with you. 🙂

    Take care my friend. Happy Snorkeling!

    1. Chet, I am glad that you are inspired by my posts because that is one of my purposes of this blog and website. This world is amazing and I my passion to see more of it is never quenched. Snorkeling is probably my favorite activity. I will be sharing more of my snorkeling trips that will feature different species of fish and other sea creatures.

      Please share this website with anyone.


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