The Crested Oropendola also known as the Corn Bird is a larger size bird that is about the size of a black bird which we commonly see in the city. The reason that I compared them to the black bird is because they are from the same family as our black bird. Corn Birds can be seen alone or in small groups but they live in small colonies of 15 to 30 with a dominate male.

One of the features that I like the most about these birds is the bright blue eyes which are shown in the next set of photos. Their eyes really stand out against their black body and their eyes have a dramatic effect alongside the yellow of their tail feathers and beak.

The following picture is one of my favorites because I took this photo while it was raining. The raindrops almost look like snowflakes and the photo has a winter feel because the Corn Bird is in a dead tree.

One of the most unique things about these birds are their nests. Their nests hang suspended from tree limbs and sway in the wind. The photo below is one of the Corn Bird nests that I saw in Trinidad but I also saw these nests in Panama.

About this Bird

Family: Blackbird

Location: Forest edges and clearings of lowland South America east of the Andes from Panama to Northern Argentina and Trinidad.

Size: 17 inches and weighs less than 10 ounces.

Diet: Fruit, Insects and nectar

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2 thoughts on “Crested Oropendola (Corn Bird) – Trinidad”

  1. Hello Doug,
    I live in Trinidad and have always been fascinated with the corn bird. I was trying to get more information about them when I came upon your article.
    Unfortunately your article does not indicate much. I wanted to find out everything about this beautiful bird. I am quite fascinated with the sounds of the bird and once while listening to some in their natural habitat, I could swear I made out several different sounds from them. I want to know about their mating habits. Life expectancy, life span etc. Thanks.

    1. Trevor, Thanks for commenting on my post. I lived in Trinidad for almost a year. During my time in Trinidad I became interested in all of the beautiful birds that can be seen in Trinidad. The corn bird is fascinating to me also because of its colors and the way they build their nest. I wish that I could help you on more information about this bird but I don’t know those details. My blog is dedicated to informing my readers about travel related topics that they might not ever know existed in hopes that it will inspire them to travel to those locations to see these places (and wildlife) for themselves. I hope that you will continue to check out my blog as I have posts on many other birds and wildlife. Doug

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