A lot of wildlife can be very entertaining if you pay attention to what they are doing. Watching the Australian Pelicans kept me entertained with all of the goofy looks that they have and some of the actions that they make when they interact with each other. The photos below are some photos that make me laugh every time I see them.

One of the things that I have recently learned, as a new bird watcher, is that birds can change colors when they are breeding. The Australian Pelican will develop blue vane streaks in their pouch during breeding. I have shared a few photos (below) to show the difference between the breeding and non-breeding.

I think the Australian Pelicans are the prettiest of the pelicans. I like the bright yellow around the eye, their blue feet and their multi-colored pouches when they are breeding. The following photos are my favorite pictures of Australian Pelicans:

About this Bird

Location: Primarily in coastal Australia but can be seen in islands around Australia.

Interesting Fact: They do not dive from the air like the pelicans in N. America. They feed in groups and round fish up into the shallow water and plunge dive from sitting on the water.

Diet: Fish, shrimp and other birds.

Size: up to 28 lbs. with a wing span of up to 8.5 ft.

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