One of my main goals for traveling is that when I return from a trip, I want to feel like I have been somewhere. When I return from traveling to Asia, there is no doubt that I have been somewhere! So many things come to my mind when I think of Asia. For me Asia is fascinating, mysterious, adventurous, unique cuisines, spiritual, ancient, modern, congested and tranquil.

It is so hard to try to describe Asia because there are places in Asia that are the most modern in the world and there are other places that look like they have not changed in centuries. Asia is full of history with over 5000 years of history and Asia has a multitude of cultures. The only way for me to describe Asia is to do it one piece at a time through my posts and my photographs.

There are 34 countries in Asia and I have been lucky to have visited 15 of them, so far. I have made 11 trips to Asia. Some trips I have visited just one country and other trips I have visited multiple countries. In those trips I have seen many of the most famous sites in Asia and many places that I didn’t know much about until I visited them.

Asia is full of famous sites to visit. The list below are some of the most famous tourist sites in Asia.
• The Great Wall of China
• Temples at Angkor (Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, Ta Prohm)
Taj Mahal
• Forbidden City
• Bagan Temples
• Terracotta Warriors
• Borobudur
Grand Palace
• Mt. Fuji
• Lijiang River
Ha Long Bay
• Shwedagon Pagodas
Petronas Twin Towers
• Temple of Heaven
• And many others
Although these are the most famous sites in Asia, there are hundreds of places to see that most people have never heard of but are amazing places to experience without the large crowds. I will be posting on my experiences in the famous places in Asia and I will also be sharing my experiences at many places in Asia that I am sure that most people have never heard of but would enjoy seeing if they knew they existed.

I hope that you will enjoy my current post and that you will enjoy my future posts as I present the places in Asia as I have seen them through my eyes and my camera.

This blog is still very new. The countries shown below are only the countries where I have currently made post. I will be adding more posts to these countries but I will also be making posts on other countries in Asia. I will add more countries below when I make posts on a new country.

Countries in Asia


Taj Mahal with reflecting pool




Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Helix Bridge with Reflection

South Korea




Asian Wildlife