Specialty Categories

During my travels, I have photographed everything that I thought was interesting. Many of the things that I photographed were common from place to place even though there were style and architectural differences.

I think that it is fascinating to see a comparison of common things or common activities that may be done differently from place to place around the world.

On this page, I have identified specialty categories of things that I have photographed in my travels. When I make posts that fit into one of the categories show below, I will add that post to the appropriate category.

This blog is still very new. The categories shown below are only the categories that I have currently identified. I will be adding more categories below when I make posts in a new category.

Click on the photo below and it will take you to all of the posts that I have posted in that category.

Ancient Sites and Ruins



Castles and Forts

Farris Wheels


Lighthouses and

Modern Buildings




Parks and Gardens

Religious Sites


Urban Art

Trolley Cars