Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands are faraway places that is home to some of the most unusual wildlife and most beautiful nature in the world.

This region has is it all. There is nothing but post card beach and sea life like nowhere else. One of my favorite things that I like about Australia and New Zealand is that there big cities are modern but it is easy to take day trips to see spectacular nature and wildlife. The south island of New Zealand is picturesque and some of the highlights are the New Zealand Alps, New Zealand Fiords and the Glaciers.

The wildlife in Australia is mind-blowing. Everyone knows about the strange animals but the birds are also just as impressive as the animals. Wildlife is always challenging to see but the wildlife in Australia is easier to experience than is other places where it requires getting far away from civilization. In Australia, birds and animals can be easily seen in the nature parks.

There are 18 countries in the area classified as Oceania and I have only been able to have visited 5 of them but I am scheduled to visit several others later this year. Of the 5 countries that I have visited, I have made 4 trips to the Oceania region. I have visited Australia only on 2 trips and on 2 trips I have visited both Australia and New Zealand. In those trips I have seen many of the most famous sites in those countries and many places that I didn’t know much about until I visited them.

Down Under and the pacific islands have many famous sites to visit. The list below are some of the most famous tourist sites in in the south pacific.
Great Barrier Reef
The Twelve Apostles
• Ayres Rock
The Blue Mountains
Sydney Opera House
Australian Wildlife
New Zealand Fiords
• Rotorua
• Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers
• Fiji
• Bora Bora
• And many others

Although these are the most famous sites in the south pacific, there are hundreds of places to see that most people have never heard of but are amazing places to experience. I will be posting on my experiences in the famous places in in the south pacific and I will also be sharing my experiences at many places in the south pacific that I am sure that most people have never heard of but would enjoy seeing if they knew they existed.

I hope that you will enjoy my current post and that you will enjoy my future posts as I present the places in Oceania as I have seen them through my eyes and my camera.

Countries in Oceania